What are the coverages that are included in the cancer insurance?

Can you imagine buying a piece of clothing without knowing the color or size? That is what happens when you buy insurance and you are not well informed about what your coverage is about. Knowing details like these is essential to understand how it works and to make the most of it, but also to identify if it really suits you to acquire it or not.

The cancer insurance is intended to help you carry out cancer treatment if this disease is detected, so that your finances will not be affected and you can face this disease in the best possible conditions.

But what is meant by “cancer treatment”?

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The treatment of this disease may include different therapies, depending on the type of disease that affects you, including biological therapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. All these therapies are covered up to 100%, depending on the insurance you choose.

Oncological surgery

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It is also included and in the case of breast cancer, mention is made of reconstructive surgery. In addition, some insurances also include coverage for Finding Surgery.

Other aspects that are covered have to do with the costs of outpatient treatment, as well as the laboratory; hospitalization, nutrition, ambulance, air transfer through the national territory, etc.

Finally, some insurances include the possibility of consulting other doctors abroad, to obtain a second opinion.

While this disease does not distinguish between sex or age at the time of attack, it is no longer impossible to defend, because these products allow you to be prepared to do so.

Remember that the details of the coverage will depend on the insurer you choose and not all have what is best for you, so it is important to take some time to compare the options. For that, you can use the Delistoeres family cancer insurance comparator.

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