Requirements for mortgage credit from abroad in Colombia

The needs for mortgage credit through abroad are similar to any credit score of the same style within Colombia. The banks will certainly ask for the necessary support in order to verify that you are a good possibility of payment.

Here are some documents or needs to apply for a home loan from overseas.

Requirements to get mortgage credit from overseas in Colombia

  • Being Colombian and getting abroad, or being a foreigner but being married to some person of Colombian nationality who is abroad.
  • Comply with the minimum regarding 18 years and more 74.
  • Possess the minimum credit score. If you have the Credit Score 0, you can also choose.
  • A serenity and security document that will shows that your credit file has been cleaned so far within Colombia.
  • Prove that you can manage the debt. It doesn’t matter if you function independently, you are an employee or even pensioner. The income needs to be shown in income or even money transfers to Colombia.
  • Have an strengthened person to represent a person throughout the process.
  • Have eMail.

Documents needed to demand a loan from abroad

Every loan must proceed through a pre-approval. In the pre-approval, the bank tells you if you are permitted obtain the loan and gives a person free passage to meet the needs and prevents you through wasting your time on something which will not happen. Necessary:

  • Identity Files
  • Income Facilitates
  • History plus credit reports, bank statements plus tax annexes.

Contact a Mortgage Agent

It is best that you get in touch with a Mortgage Broker, a mortgage expert. A credit expert can guide you step by step plus handle the most complicated procedures.

Colombia is really a country with excellent possibilities for home purchases. If you are overseas, take advantage of the exchange of a more powerful currency and the credits provided by the credit agencies to obtain qualities from outside.

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