Financing Installment Loans from Initial, small to Max

The credit solution for the purchase of an car with a maxi final installment and is provided by Sava. The loan is available on all models, from the small Mito and 147 to the highly sporty 8C, passing through the 159 saloon and Sportwagon, the Spiders, the Brera.


Characteristics of the loan


It is the classic maxi-rate final loan, which allows the customer to always drive a new car (or almost), or have a very limited outlay in the first period of car ownership.

In fact, at the end of the maxi installment, you can act in three ways:

  • for those who always want a new Alfa: you will simply have to make the car used and buy a new one at the dealership. If the maximum payment amount is lower than the market value of the car, the difference will be deducted from the purchase price of the new one.
  • for those who always want a new car, even not Alfa: I will return the car to the dealership, no outlay will be required and there is no obligation to purchase a new car. In doing so, only the use of the car will be paid, as in a rental.
  • for those who want to keep the car: they will have to pay the maxi installment and will definitely become the owner of a vehicle that by now knows, appreciates their quality and judges the defects to be irrelevant. If desired, the customer can finance the maxi installment.

The loan is covered by a policy, though optional and to be paid separately, for credit insurance to cover any impossibility of paying one or more installments. 

Who can apply for the loan

Who can apply for the loan

The necessary documents are of the registry type (identity document and fiscal code) and of the income type (pay slip / pension slip / single model).

An additional guarantee may be required, such as, for example, the presence of a co-insured who provides his income to supplement that of the principal.

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