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5 points to consider about the initial installment of a vehicle loan | Installment Loans

An important part when it comes to acquiring a car has to do with the initial fee we will deliver to access the credit. There are some points that are not always considered when talking about it but that will help you have a better perspective on your credit and your money.

Financing Installment Loans from Initial, small to Max

The credit solution for the purchase of an car with a maxi final installment and is provided by Sava. The loan is available on all models, from the small Mito and 147 to the highly sporty 8C, passing through the 159 saloon and Sportwagon, the Spiders, the Brera.

Installment goods without a register – electrical, mobile, notebook – Installment Loans

Did you break your laptop, mobile phone or do you want to buy a new fridge but you don’t have it? There are several options. The first is to accept the fact and overtime to save on the electro. The advantage is that you don’t pay even an extra crown, but you have to be patient. We all know who will wait, he will wait. In the case of a broken washing machine, no one will probably want to wait three months for money. After all, hand washing is out of fashion. Do you reach for a loan? Yes, it is possible, but is it not better to purchase by installments? Almost every physical store and eshop provides installment purchase. Is it really worthwhile and can I get the goods in installments without a register, or is it stupid? See